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60 Minutes with Shakespeare

Shakespearian experts address the authorship question

Shakespeare's Authorship

For true Shakespearians, there is no question that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare; no debate; no issue. There is a significant mass of historical evidence. His name, or those of the theatre companies for whom he worked, appears on many title-pages; he had an aristocratic patron, the Earl of Southampton; he is described as a writer by many of his contemporaries; his memorial bust in Holy Trinity Church compares him to Socrates, Virgil and refers to ‘all that he hath writ.’

Despite this evidence, there are still those who wonder if Shakespeare really did write Shakespeare. So, in this podcast series 60 Minutes with Shakespeare, we have 60 questions on this issue for 60 different scholars and give them 60 seconds each to respond. Some very special contributors are featured giving their unique perspective on Shakespeare’s authorship. This is a good resource for students, teachers, theatre practitioners, and all who love Shakespeare. 

A Special Guest

Prince of Wales

In addition to the thoughts of our 60 experts, we're honoured to welcome a very special guest in this series: His Majesty The King. 

The King discusses Shakespeare's Royal Links, and how he represented England's historical monarchy in fiction whilst working under the patronage of the current head of state. 

President of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Charles III continues centuries-old traditions of supporting education and the theatre.

Sixty questions. Sixty scholars. Sixty seconds each.

1. Shakespeare's Childhood Books

Sylvia Morris

2. Shakespeare's School

Lois Potter

3. Shakespeare's Education Level

Carol Rutter

4. Shakespeare's Learning and Plays

Perry Mills

5. The Shakespeare Family's Literacy

Elizabeth Woledge

6. Shakespeare's Stratford Fellows

Nick Walton

7. Warwickshire and Shakespeare's Plays

David Kathman

8. Stratford Life in Shakespeare's Works

Michael Wood

9. Geography of Shakespeare's Plays

Margaret Drabble

10. Shakespeare's Literary Beginnings

Andrew Dickson

11. Shakespeare Named by his Contemporaries

Charles Whitworth

12. Criticism of Shakespeare by his Contemporaries

Emma Smith

13. Shakespeare in Print

Laurie Maguire

14. Shakespeare's Fame in his Life-time

Tiffany Stern

15. Shakespeare and Misattribution

Andrew Murphy

16. Shakespeare and Stolen Reputations

Dan Snow

17. Historical Evidence in the Authorship Question

AJ Leon

18. Gaps in Shakespeare's Historical Record

Andrew Hadfield

19. Shakespeare's Money

Boika Sokolova

20. Shakespeare's Social Status

Rene Weis

21. Actors in Shakespearian Early Printed Texts

Harriet Walter

22. Shakespeare's Knowledge of Theatrical Practice

Tina Packer

23. Shakespeare's Personality

Simon Callow

24. Actors' View on Shakespeare's Authorship

Janet Suzman

25. Shakespeare as a Team Player

Gary Taylor

26. Shakespeare's Collaborations

Eric Rasmussen

27. Collaboration in Shakespeare's Time

Peter Kirwan

28. Evidence of Multiple Authorship

Mac Jackson

29. Comparing Shakespeare and Marlowe

Antony Sher

30. Aristocracy and the Theatre

Farah Karim-Cooper

31. Shakespeare's Patrons

Michael Holroyd

32. Shakespeare's 1623 Folio

David Bevington

33. Praise of Shakespeare in his First Folio

Ewan Fernie

34. Shakespeare's Will and his Career

Mairi Macdonald

35. Shakespeare's Will and his Books

Diana Owen

36. Commemoration of Shakespeare's Death

Peter Kyle

37. Shakespeare's Memorial Bust

Paul Edmondson

38. Ben Jonson and Shakespeare

Greg Doran

39. Beginnings of the Authorship Question

Lena Orlin

40. Questioning Shakespeare's Authorship

Stuart Hampton-Reeves

41. Psychology and Shakespeare's Authorship

Anouchka Grose

42. Shakespeare's Authorship in Fiction

Paul Franssen

43. James Wilmot and Shakespeare's Authorship

Stanley Wells

44. Delia Bacon and Shakespeare's Authorship

Graham Holderness

45. Sir Francis Bacon and Shakespeare's Authorship

Alan Stewart

46. Sigmund Freud and Shakespeare's Authorship

Paul Prescott

47. Henry James and Shakespeare's Authorship

Adrian Poole

48. The Earl of Oxford and the Theatre

Michael Dobson

49. The Earl of Oxford and Shakespeare's Authorship

Alan Nelson

50. Marlowe and Shakespeare's Authorship

Charles Nicholl

51. Suggested Authors of Shakespeare's Works

Matt Kubus

52. Experiential Writing and Shakespeare

Jay Halio

53. University Degrees Doubting Shakespeare

Victoria Buckley

54. Shakespearian Scholars on his Authorship

Peter Holland

55. Other Examples of Authorship Questions

Martin Wiggins

56. Authorship and Other Conspiracy Theories

Kate McLuskie

57. Conspiracy Theories

Simon Palfrey

58. Indian Analysis of Shakespeare's Authorship

K.S. Vijay Elangova

59. Roland Emmerich on Shakespeare's Authorship

60. Stephen Fry on Shakespeare's Authorship

This series was initially published in 2011 as a Blogging Shakespeare project in partnership with Misfit Inc.