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Where Did Shakespeare Live?

In the fifth episode of Let’s Talk Shakespeare, we ask “Where did Shakespeare live?”

Jennifer Reid

To answer this question we must look at three different periods in his life: his youth, his life in London and his married and family life.  In this episode I talk to our guests about the different properties we know Shakespeare lived in, which ones he owned and when he bought them, and we also look at what life would have been like living in these very different properties, both for Shakespeare and his housemates. 

Image: Shakespeare's Birthplace before restoration, 1769.

This weeks guests are:

- Professor Stanley Wells, Honorary President of the SBT
- Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute
- Dr Elizabeth Dollimore, Outreach and Primary Learning Manager at the SBT
- Dr Tara Hamling, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern history at Birmingham University
- Dr Paul Edmondson, Head of Research and Knowledge at the SBT

In this podcast we also talk briefly about the exciting project the SBT is undertaking to re imagine the site of New Place, Shakespeare’s final home.  You can keep abreast of the developments and news from that project over on the blog.

If you want to get in touch, you can tweet us on @ShakespeareBT or using the hashtag #talkshakespeare 

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