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How Did Shakespeare Get So Popular?

In the tenth and final episode of Let's Talk Shakespeare we ask "How did Shakespeare get so popular?"

Jennifer Reid

This is a good question, and a lot of people wonder why it is Shakespeare that is so well celebrated over his fellow playwrights. In this episode we look at lots of reasons why this is the case, through key events and opportunities over the last 400 years that have led to his popularity today. This is such a big topic that this episode really acts as an introduction to further areas you might want to look up. Our experts also express beautifully how and why they enjoy seeing Shakespeare's plays over and over again.

Image: Souvenir medal and ribbon for David Garrick’s “Shakespeare Jubilee” of 1769

This week's guests are:

- Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute
- Dr Elizabeth Dollimore, Outreach and Primary Learning Manager at the SBT
- Professor Sir Stanley Wells, Honorary President of the SBT
- Dr Paul Edmondson, Head of Research and Knowledge at the SBT
- Ben Crystal, Actor, director and producer

Narrator: Jennifer Reid

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Transcripts are forthcoming.