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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Make a gift to help sustain Shakespeare's legacy for generations to come.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is the charity that cares for Shakespeare’s legacy – the homes where he and his family lived, and the historical documents, books and objects that shed light on his life and times.

One very valuable way to help ensure that Shakespeare’s legacy is preserved is by leaving a gift in your Will.  Throughout our history, gifts in Wills, both large and small, have helped to look after the precious buildings, gardens, documents, books, paintings, and museum items in our care, as well as to reach out to new audiences to stimulate an interest and enjoyment in Shakespeare.

A legacy gift doesn’t have to be large…

We are very grateful for gifts of any amount left to us in a Will.  Most people choose to think of their family first and leave a share of what is left over to the organisations that have been important to them throughout their lives. 

How a gift in your Will can help:

Most legacies are left to us without restrictions, but if you would like to support a particular area of the Trust’s work that means a lot to you, your wishes will be respected. We use gifts in Wills a huge range of ways to look after the special places in our care or inspire and inform people about Shakespeare – here are just a few examples.

Under £1,000

  • Conserve a priceless old book, document or painting
  • Enable a class of children from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in one of our educational programmes.

Under £10,000

  • Acquire a unique item to enrich the Collection and increase our understanding of Shakespeare’s work, life or times
  • Support improvements that will make the Shakespeare family homes more accessible
  • Help to renew one of our beautiful tranquil gardens in keeping with its historic setting

Larger gifts

  • Support the creation of a new exhibition or an education programme that will engage many more people with Shakespeare
  • Help to preserve one of the fragile historic properties where Shakespeare and his family lived and ensure it will be here for future generations

To find out more and how your support can be acknowledged please download our booklet about leaving a gift in your will or contact us.  

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