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Ophelia, after Millais


For Museum Week 2018, we examine one of the least ‘poetical’ images of the drowned Ophelia: Bryan Organ’s “Ophelia, after Millais.”

Kelsey Ridge
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The Underrated Heroines of Shakespeare

Shakespeare & his works

We all know of Beatrice, Rosalind, and Viola – some of Shakespeare's strongest and most well-known female characters – but for International Women's Day we're shedding light on some of Shakespeare's lesser known (but in no way less empowering) heroines.

Rio Turnbull
juliet files International Women's Day

Imagining Anne Hathaway


Avril Rowlands imagines Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife, as a talented female writer that comes up with the cunning plan to get her plays performed under her husband's name when he suffers rejection as a playwright.

Mareike Doleschal
juliet files Shakespeare's Life