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Mary Shakespeare's Dream

Part performance, part interactive workshop

Available from Summer 2025

Part performance, part interactive workshop, this unique site-specific adventure uses the stunning backdrop of Mary Arden’s Farm to teach pupils about Shakespeare’s life and times.

It is 1604. Two hapless actors find themselves stranded at Mary Arden’s Farm, with nothing but a cart load of props and costumes and a play to rehearse. They are miles from their target, a Royal Premiere of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Hampton Court- with no cast, no set, and no jokes that are actually funny. What’s worse, Shakespeare’s own mother is on the way… and someone has let the pigs out.

Can your class meet the challenge to help save the day?

Working alongside the two actors, the children will:

  • devise a script
  • design a set
  • learn a dance
  • rehearse and perform their play for the redoubtable Mary Shakespeare in locations across the farm. 

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Venue: Mary Arden’s Farm, Wilmcote, CV37 9UN
Duration: Full day

Cost: £780
Capacity: Two classes

For more information or to make a booking please email: [email protected]

"Fantastic session - children were engaged and enthusiastic. Brought Shakespeare to life ... lovely setting"

— Teacher, Sutton Coldfield

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