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Was Shakespeare Educated?

9th November 2015 saw the launch of the first episode of Let’s Talk Shakespeare, a ten part podcast series exploring some of the frequently asked questions about Shakespeare’s life.

Jennifer Reid

For the first episode of Let’s Talk Shakespeare, we asked “Was Shakespeare Educated?”

This is a really interesting question that we are asked regularly and one that requires pulling on lots of different sources to get an answer. In this episode we discuss how we know that Shakespeare went to school, where he went, what his school day would have been like, and what he learned. We also think about Shakespeare as a continued learner and the evidence of this in his work. Keep you ears open for a reference to Terry Pratchett!

Image: Grammar School and Guild Chapel by William Wells Quatremain 1884

This week's guests are:

- Professor Stanley Wells, Honorary President of the SBT
- Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute
- Dr Elizabeth Dollimore, Outreach and Primary Learning Manager at the SBT
- Dr Anjna Chouhan, Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the SBT
- Dr Tara Hamling, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern history at Birmingham University
- Madeleine Cox, Reading Room and Public Services Coordinator at the SBT

If you want to get in touch, you can tweet us on @ShakespeareBT or using the hashtag #talkshakespeare.

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Transcripts are forthcoming.