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Shakespeare in Irish

On the occasion of St. Patrick's Day, we are pleased to publish a very special video. It features Shakespeare Birthplace Trust volunteer Ann McDermott reading sonnet 116 in Irish.

Mareike Doleschal

The video includes items from the SBT library and archive: 

1. The Ferrer's album 

Georgina Chatterton, who lived in Baddesley Clinton, was an artist who compiled an album of paintings and sketches of Ireland in the nineteenth century, which is now housed in the SBT archive. 

2. Shakespeare's sonnets translated into Irish by Muiris Sionóid

Muiris Sionóid presented his translations of the sonnets to the Trust in 2009. Inscribed by Muiris Sionóid with a dedication, President Michael D. Higgins inspected the book when he visited the Birthplace in April 2014.

3. Early Shakespeare editions

Also featured are early editions of Shakespeare's plays, which were published in Dublin and are now housed in the Trust's rare book stack.

4. Posters of the Irish-born actress Ada Rehan

Ada Rehan, born in Ireland in the nineteenth century, immigrated to America as a child. The theatre manager Augustin Daly saw her perform at the New York's Grand Opera House and recruited her to his company. Rehan was mainly known for her portrayal of comic heroines, in particular Katherine in The Taming of the Shrew. Women were among her greatest fans and they emulated her style and clothes.

Ada Rehan as Rosalind
Ada Rehan as Rosalind in "As You Like It"

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