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Let’s Talk Shakespeare Podcast

On Monday the 9th November 2015 the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust launched the first episode of Let’s Talk Shakespeare, a ten part podcast series exploring some of the frequently asked questions about Shakespeare’s life.

Jennifer Reid
The image shows a head of Shakespeare(high forehead, straight hair curling out each side of his face) and his left forearm; his chin is resting on his left hand, his splayed fingers covering his mouth and touching his nose. Beside and slightly behind him are two sheets of paper, one with heavy crossings-out, the other a diagram with squares and lines.

Earlier in 2015, the Trust held is first “Dragons Den” event, in which members of staff could pitch for up to £1000 from the Friends of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for a project that they would like to work on. Some fantastic projects have come out of it including our first Fun Palaces weekend and conservation of one of our First Folios.

Another Dragons Den funded project is Let’s Talk Shakespeare, pitched for by Jennifer Reid, Collections Development Officer at the SBT.  When Jennifer joined the SBT in 2014, she began to notice how the simplest questions about Shakespeare’s life could lead to the most interesting conversations.  So for six months she travelled around talking both to colleagues at the SBT and other friends such as Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute, Greg Doran, Artistic Director of the RSC and Ben Crystal, actor, writer and producer.

The result is a series of ten fun and informal free podcasts each beginning with a frequently asked question and going on to explore the answer from a variety of different angles.

Find out more about our Let's Talk Shakespeare podcasts. 

This project was funded by the Friends of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
For further information please contact Jennifer Reid on [email protected]