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Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

SBT published its gender pay gap and bonus pay gap data on GOV.UK on Thursday 4th April 2019.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT)

SBT employs over 280 people (190 full time equivalent employees). In 2018 75% of those employees were female. 

The 2018 mean gender pay gap at SBT, based on hourly rates, was 5.2% in favour of male employees, which is an increase on its mean gender pay gap of 2.9% in 2017.  

The average gender pay gap based on 2018 data is not available yet. However, the national mean male bias average in 2017 was 9.1%, and we will compare SBT’s 5.2% gap when UK wide 2018 data is available following the 4th April 2019 deadline.

SBT is committed to encouraging equality and diversity amongst its work force, volunteers and within its Board of Trustees, and to preventing discrimination. SBT is also committed to increasing the diversity of its visitors, particularly from regional audiences.

SBT employs people in a wide variety of roles covering administration, collections, creative programme, development, digital media, events, facilities, finance, gardens, hospitality, HR, IT, learning and participation, marketing, PR, sales and visitor engagement. 

SBT has a fixed salary band structure, with 16 pay grades, which is designed around externally recognised benchmarking.  Males and females are paid the same amount for carrying out the same work. SBT has an annual pay review process.

Comparison of the median data for 2018 shows a 1.79% gap in favour of females which is a change from 2017’s median data which showed a gap of 1.85% in favour of males.

Pay quartiles are listed below. 

Bonus Pay

SBT does not have a company-wide bonus scheme as standard. A regular performance-based incentive scheme is in place for our Visitor Reception team at Shakespeare’s Birthplace. One-off bonuses are occasionally made to acknowledge a particular achievement. For the period the data covers one ad hoc bonus payment and 149 thank you payments were made. 

Pay by Quartiles

The pay grades are listed below with a male/female split.

% of staff:                                  Male                                          Female 

Upper Quartile                            26.2                                            73.8

Upper Middle Quartile               21.0                                             79.0

Lower Middle Quartile                26.2                                            73.8

Lower Quartile                             25.8                                            74.2

Average hourly rate:             Male                                          Female 

Upper Quartile                            £21.01                                        £17.10

Upper Middle Quartile               £10.02                                       £11.10

Lower Middle Quartile                £8.75                                         £8.83

Lower Quartile                             £7.96                                         £8.00

What does SBT currently do to ensure that it is an Equal Opportunities Employer?

SBT already places significant focus on ensuring a diverse workforce. However, the available recruitment pool, in a region with the lowest levels of unemployment, reflects the same gender bias as the SBT workforce. Of applications for all vacancies in 2018, 72.5% were from female candidates.

SBT advertises across a wide variety of media. Its rigorous recruitment process ensures that it recruits on merit and qualification using competency-based scored interviews. SBT also encourages internal promotions and has many examples of this; however, as a result, the spread of its gender pay gap does not change. In addition, whilst turnover is fluid in seasonal roles, core permanent and fixed-term roles have high retention so there is not significant movement in the workforce. The SBT average monthly turnover is 7.5% against the charity sector average of 16%.

As an employer, SBT offers flexible working, weekend working, part-time roles, job shares and working from home opportunities. This suits the 7 day per week, 364 day a year operation. SBT has been listed in the Sunday Times 100 Best Not for Profit Organisations to Work For list in four of the past five years. 

Work to reduce the Gender Pay Gap

SBT has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy (EDI) and a 4 year action plan to improve the diversity of our workforce. Download our EDI charter for a summary of SBT's commitment to EDI. 

SBT will work with its EDI Focus Group and Staff Forum to achieve agreed EDI targets.

Author: Anne Doughty, HR Manager

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