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Reader Services Fees

Please see this page for details about our Reading Room and Remote Services fees.

The Reading Room

The Reading Room, at the Shakespeare Centre, reopened for in-person research activity on 31 August 2021.

Visiting the Reading Room is free of charge. However we do charge for the following services:

  • Camera day pass, £5*
  • Photocopies orders, variable**
  • A/V viewing pass, £5 (£1 students)

* Please note that copying restrictions may apply. Staff will be on hand to advise on this.

** We will not be able to undertake photocopying on demand. However, copy requests may be made during the course of a Reading Room visit to be processed as a remote copy order. Please see Remote Services below for details.

Remote Services

We are currently offering pandemic adapted remote services.

Due to limited staff capacity and building access, as well as anticipated high demand, the services will have interim restrictions:

  • Orders may take up to six weeks to complete.
  • There will be a cap on the size of orders and a limit on orders per person per month.
  • We reserve the right to suspend this service at times of high demand.
  • And, usual copying restrictions will apply relating to fragility and copyright.

We hope these restrictions will allow us to equitably meet the needs of our users at this difficult time. These restrictions are under constant review and will reduce as soon as capacity and demand allows.

Copies of material will be supplied electronically or in hard copy. This will be decided via user preference and in consideration of fragility and legislative or contractual compliance.

Free Remote Services

  • Photocopies or digital images (non publication quality)** Copy of one item* only of up to ten sheets/images. Conditions: limited to one order per person per month.
  • Reading Room resource checks Check of one resource (e.g. Street Directory, card catalogue) for up to twenty minutes; includes any associated copying. Conditions: limited to one order per person per month.

Paid Remote Services

  • Photocopies or digital images (non publication quality)** Copy of up to ten items* of up to fifteen sheets/images per item (or equivalent number of images). Photocopies: 50p per A4 sheet (b&w), 75p per A3 sheet (b&w), 75p per A4 (colour), £1 per A3 sheet (colour) + £5 handling fee per item + P&P. Digital copies: 50p per image + £5 handling fee per item. Conditions: limited to one order per person per month.
  • Fixed price photocopies Copy of one RSC prompt book at £85 inc. P&P; copy of whole RSC Programme at £8 + P&P. Conditions: limited to one prompt book per person per month and 10 programmes per person per month.


*‘Item’: library items are single publications; archive items are the smallest unit of description and their Level is designated as ‘Item’ or ‘File’ on our Online Catalogue.

**‘Non publication quality’: these are low-resolution photographs taken for remote reference purposes and are not intended for reproduction. For professional publication quality, and commercial use, please contact [email protected].

To place an order: please see the steps outlined on our main Reading Room page.

If you have queries or other requests, please contact: [email protected]

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