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Reader Services Fees

Please see this page for details about our Reading Room and Remote Services fees.

The Reading Room

Visiting the Reading Room is free of charge. However, there is a charge for the following services:


Reading Room photography day pass: £7

Please note that restrictions on photography may apply. Staff will be on hand to advise.

Copy charges

We are not able to complete on-demand copying of library and archive materials. We are however able to take requests in the Reading Room to be fulfilled as remote copy orders, see below for more details.

Remote copy orders

To order remote copies of library and archive materials, please complete an online copy order form. We are able to offer either printed or digital non-publication copies for personal research use as follows:

Printed copies

  • A4 black and white - £1 per page + £5 handling fee
  • A4 colour - £2 per page + £5 handling fee
  • A3 black and white - £2 per page + £5 handling fee
  • A3 colour - £3 per page + £5 handling fee

Digital copies

PDF - £1 per page + £5 handling fee

Copying restrictions may apply relating to fragility and copyright

Fixed price printed copy services – Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) archive

  • RSC prompt book: £80 + £5 handling and postage fee
  • RSC programme: £8 + £5 handling and postage fee

Conditions: limited to one prompt book per person per month, and ten programmes per person per month.

We are not able to offer digital copies of RSC archive materials.

Please note that remote orders may take up to six weeks to complete.

Publication and commercial use images

If you wish to request high-resolution images for professional publication or commercial use please email your request to [email protected].

If you have queries or other requests please contact: [email protected].

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