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Mary Arden's Farm

Mary Arden's Farm is currently closed

Regrettably Mary Arden’s Farm will remain closed until at least spring 2021 while coronavirus restrictions remain in place. All of our sites will continue to be protected and conserved until their doors open once again. Please check our website and social media for the latest updates, or you can join our mailing list. Continue reading...

Discover the childhood home of Shakespeare’s mother. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of a working Tudor farm on a fantastic family day out at Mary Arden’s Farm. Meet the Tudors who run the farm just as Shakespeare’s mother would have done, watch craft and falconry demonstrations and explore the farmyard, playground and historic buildings.

Built by Mary’s father, Robert Arden around 1514, Mary Arden’s House has been significantly altered over time. Today, visitors to Mary Arden’s Farm can peek inside the chimney and the walls, discover how the house was built and imagine what life must have been like for Mary when she lived here with her seven sisters.

Neighbouring Palmer’s Farmhouse retains much of its original 16th Century structure. Adam Palmer would have employed several day labourers to undertake the daily work on the land and the care of the livestock, and female servants to help his wife with domestic and farmyard tasks. By 1584 Palmer had improved his house, demolishing the old hall and parlour and building a new hall, cross-passage and kitchen, to create the building we see today.

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Shakespeare’s Birthplace is currently closed Anne Hathaway's Cottage is currently closed Shakespeare's New Place is currently closed Hall's Croft is currently closed