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Photo: William Mulryne

What Was Shakespeare Really Like?

Audio lectures from Professor Sir Stanley Wells, C.B.E.

A lecture series to mark the 90th birthday of Professor Sir Stanley Wells, Honorary President of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

This specially commissioned audio series sets forth the personality and sensibilities of Shakespeare as far as they can be discerned through a lifetime of reading and studying his works. 

Sir Stanley's talks move effortlessly from Shakespeare's life and background in Stratford-upon-Avon, to the entrepreneurial world of London and its emerging professional theatres; from Shakespeare's plays as they were perhaps first conceived in his imagination, through the processes of writing them, and them being bodied-forth on stage. 

We’re working hard to bring some Shakespeare into your life during the lockdown. All our content is offered free, but if you’re in a position to donate and help us keep our virtual doors open, we would really appreciate it!  Thank you.

Photograph of Sir Stanley: William Mulryne