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Spring in Shakespeare's Gardens

A glimpse of what you can expect to see in our gardens on a visit to Shakespeare's Family Homes this spring

Hall's Croft garden
Hall's Croft in Spring

Each season brings something new to see in the gardens at Shakespeare's Family Homes. As we wave goodbye to winter and welcome spring here's what you might see on your next visit to one of our houses...

Early tulips are starting to flower, daffodils and crocus are popping up. The borders are full of colour, fragrant blossom, and you might even see some bees pollinating our beautiful garden flowers, fruit and vegetables. It won't be long until wisteria will climb the front of Hall's Croft and peonies appear.

You can find our team of Gardeners at each of Shakespeare's Family Homes, feel free to ask them any questions about our gardens. You might see them doing some of the following tasks:

  • Sowing vegetable seeds
  • Planting onions, potatoes etc
  • Visiting nursery's to check on contracted growing
  • Weeding 
  • Maintaining the lawns
  • Spring Rose pruning

Soon our rescue hedgehogs will be coming out of hibernation, another sign that spring is here!

"When daffodils begin to peer, With heigh! the doxy, over the dale, Why, then comes in the sweet o’ the year..."

— The Winter's Tale
spring gardens