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Shakespeare in Taiwan

Follow the Shakespeare Birthplace's Trust's collection across the world

Shakespeare in Taiwan

Following our successful loan of the Bidford chair to Hong Kong

 last year, the SBT collections are once again on their travels as part of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.

Our Interpretations Project Manager Nic Fulcher travelled out to Taiwan this week to oversee the installation of 12 items in a new exhibition titled All the World’s a Stage: Shakespeare in Taiwan, which opens on 30 September and runs through to 3 January 2016. Items on loan include a painting of Shakespeare’s Birthplace, an early French translation of Shakespeare, a souvenir Rowntree’s sweet tin featuring scenes from Shakespeare and some other replica items.

The museum describe the exhibition as follows;

“This special exhibition takes its point of departure from “All the world’s a stage,” the famous line from As You Like It. While we pay attention to Shakespeare’s far-reaching influence, we will take a special look at the ways in which Shakespeare’s works have taken roots in Taiwanese theatre. Collaborating with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, this special exhibition introduces Shakespeare the man and his era by showcasing a collection of historical artifacts and images related to his works and lasting influence. At the same time, through the exhibition of costumes, stage stills, publications, artists, scholars and writers will share their experiences of working with Shakespeare’s writings. In doing so, we will be able to see how Shakespeare’s works have been interpreted and studied in Taiwan.”