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Make a Scene: As You Like It in Andalusia

Ros Ingram is the artist behind our Andalusian interpretation of As You Like It.

This summer, we're inviting our visitors to help us set the stage for five special performances, each inspired by a different culture from around the world. Read on to meet Ros Ingram, the artist creating an Andalusian As You Like It.

Ros Ingram

Ros Ingram gained a first class degree in ceramics and printmaking from Wolverhampton University in 1999. She balances a career as a freelance art teacher and ceramic sculptor. Known for creating original sculptures which combine highly glazed porcelain and recycled objects, her work is seen in galleries throughout the UK and Europe. Ros facilitates art workshops in schools, community groups, heritage sites and museums. Recently one of her school projects won the accolade of being exhibited at the National Gallery in London.

Ros’ vision is inspired by a Moorish temple "Courtyard of the Lions" in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. Here, architecture represents exotic palm forests and Ros uses this idea to recreate Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden from the play As You Like It.

Wooden arches will gradually transform into trees over the course of the summer with the addition of decoupage leaves embellished with organic and geometric motifs distinctive of the temple and surrounding region.

As You Like It (written in 1599-1600) is a play about banishment and exile in the forest, resulting in pursuit of safety with the aid of disguises. Shakespeare turns traditional romance on its head, showing that love can blossom under the most chaotic of circumstances. 

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