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Inspiration for 2017

There are so many ways a visit to us may spark your inspiration. Now is a great time to start planning the year, making plans and feeling inspired to do something new. We’re here to help you see how being a member can help you discover something new.

Use us as your muse

We look after the five homes related to Shakespeare and his family in Stratford-upon-Avon. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is arguably one of the most recognisable, quintessentially English cottages in the country. Why not bring your sketch pad or favourite craft and create something new inspired by the buildings or landscape around you? Like this sketch of Shakespeare's Birthplace by @pbell89.

sketch birthplace

Cook up a storm

Explore the vegetable patches in the gardens and discover seasonal herbs and vegetables to use in new recipes. Speak to our knowledgeable gardeners or the Tudors at Mary Arden’s Farm and find out how these ingredients would have been used during Shakespeare’s day. You might just be inspired to create your own herb garden or vegetable patch.

For Tudor recipes check out The Tudor Kitchen cook book.

Tudor cooking

Re-focus on a new subject

You might own a professional camera, or you might prefer taking snaps on your phone. Either way, try looking at something from a different angle. Also look up, you might see a stunning ceiling or elaborate wood carvings in buildings you’ve walked past a thousand times. Our gardens change throughout the seasons, so there’s always a new shot to take.

We love seeing your photos, share them with us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.


A new place to...

The Great Garden at Shakespeare’s New Place is a hidden treasure. Be inspired at the site where Shakespeare’s final home once stood, and where he was inspired to write so many of his plays. Don’t be tempted to have lunch at your desk, enjoy the peaceful surroundings of a tranquil garden and who knows when you might have that light bulb moment.

CV37 residents and businesses can gain free entry to Shakespeare’s New Place.

Great garden

Learn something new

Discover something you didn’t know about local history in our Reading Room, learn a Tudor craft at Mary Arden’s Farm, and speak to our guides who’ll tell you fresh stories about Shakespeare’s work, life and times. Book onto a workshop or event, participate in activities in our creativity tent at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, and be inspired by what you’ve learnt.


Please note: Mary Arden's Farm is open from 18 March - 29 October 2017.