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Behind the scenes: Arbour

Behind-the-scenes access in the run up to the grand opening of Shakespeare's New Place in Summer 2016.


Today we’d like to show you what’s been going on with the listed arbour that runs along the south side of the knot garden.

The beautiful tunnel of apple and laburnum trees has stayed put, with the exception of three of the smaller trees, which have been replanted elsewhere in the garden. The replacement for the wooden arbour will be built within the current plantings, so the scheme will complement the established appearance of the knots and soften the greener timber of the new structure. Building the arbour has been left until close to the end of the project, to avoid any accidental damage occurring.

To protect the root systems of these decades-old plants, it won’t be possible to walk the length of the arbour. A seat will be placed in the central opening, so visitors can admire the effect of light filtering through the branches of the mature trees. The seat will be accessible from the sunken Knot garden via three steps, and it will be possible to look down it from the ramp at the eastern end. We are very pleased to see this beautiful feature restored, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

Shakespeare’s New Place opens Summer 2016. Come and walk in Shakespeare's footsteps and meet the man behind the works in a fascinating new exhibition. Discover beautiful gardens and specially-commissioned artworks.

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