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The Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship 2023

Funding opportunities for students of Shakespeare

The Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship started in 2010, with a generous bequest from Professor Marder. Normally awarded annually, we had to take the difficult decision to pause the scholarship programme in 2020, however we are delighted to announce that the competition is now open for three scholarships.

Awards of £1,000 will be made to a student, academic, or independent scholar currently pursuing research, who pledges to produce an original, publishable article on a previously approved literary, historical, or biographical topic about William Shakespeare (as opposed to character analysis or authorship studies) from The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust library or archives. The subject must be approved by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s assigned authorities, within a year of the accepted funds. The intent of the award is to inspire, stimulate, and promote archival scholarship.

Proposals which relate in some way to the SBT’s multi-year theme ‘The Women Who Made Shakespeare’, will be especially welcome.

Terms and Conditions

‘Publishable’ is understood to mean that the research might be part of a book, thesis, or scholarly article, conference paper, or talk, which might be published in whole or in part in print or in a virtual medium. It might also form the basis of a research conversation for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

You will need to supply one progress report after the first six months which shows that the research is actively being pursued. It is expected that the work arising out of the scholarship will be completed by 1 November 2024.

Scholars working within a university context, as well as independent scholars are invited to apply.

Applicants should submit a letter of intent that states:

  1. What the proposal is. Does it relate to the theme of ‘Shakespeare and Women’ (which can be broadly interpreted)?
  2. What the applicant expects to accomplish.
  3. How the applicant expects to pursue it.
  4. The applicant’s personal resources, for example, previous publications, experience, and how you would use the resources and collections of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
  5. The names of the principal library or archives where the applicant intends to work.
  6. The expected date of completion.
  7. In what ways the work is publishable and how might it be published, for example as a conference paper, article, part of a thesis, or book.

The successful applicant promises to acknowledge the assistance of the scholarship in both published and unpublished versions of the work to which it pertains with the following wording:

‘This work was in part made possible through the award of The Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (registered charity number 209302),’

The deadline for applications is Thursday 25 January 2024, and the winners will be announced on Friday 9 February 2024.

Please e-mail your letter of intent to [email protected]

The adjudicators’ decision is final and no correspondence with individual applicants should be expected beyond an acknowledgement of the receipt of an applicant’s letter of intent and the announcement of the award on 9 February 2024.

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