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Early Modern Theatre

Find out more about the theatre of Shakespeare's day with our home learning resources

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The Globe

Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Theatre

Find out more about the spaces that Shakespeare and his fellow actors would have performed their plays in during his lifetime, including the famous Globe Theatre in London.


10 Fun Facts about Shakespeare’s Theatre

Did you know that in Shakespeare's day it was entirely acceptable to shout at an actor if you didn’t think they were any good? Learn more fun facts about what you could expect from a trip to Shakespeare's theatre.

Shakespeare's Actors

Shakespeare’s Actors

Find out more about some of the actors Shakespeare worked for and with, including Richard Burbage, William Kempe, Robert Armin and Nathan Field.

Globe Theatre Interior

Shakespeare’s Audience

Learn about theatre audiences in Shakespeare's time, including some of the historical figures who we know visited the theatre.

Language of the Theatre

Shakespeare’s Language of the Theatre

Shakespeare wrote specifically for the theatre, so this activity looks at location, emotion, and action in an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet. Use it to develop an understanding of writing for the specific context of an Elizabethan playhouse.

Rehearse like Shakespeare’s Actors

Rehearsing in Shakespeare’s Theatre

Learn how Shakespeare's actors rehearsed their lines and step into their shoes. Can your students make sense of scenes when they only know the lines of one of the characters? This is a great exercise to understand the importance of listening on stage.


Cue Script: Hamlet

Learn how to use a cue script like Shakespeare's actors would have done. This script is adapted from Act 1 Scene 2, when we see Hamlet interact with Claudius and Gertrude for the first time.

Midsummer Night's Dream

Cue Script: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This script is adapted from Act 2, Scene 1 of the play, when Helena follows Demetrius into the wood while Oberon is waiting for Puck to deliver the love potion to him and watching the two Athenians.


Cue Script: Othello

This script is adapted from Act 4 Scene 1, when Othello receives news from Lodovico that Othello is supposed to return to Venice.

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