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Shakespeare’s Birthplace Commemorates the 163rd Birthday of Influential Bengali Poet


On Sunday 5 May, visitors are invited to Shakespeare’s Birthplace to honour the enduring legacy and cultural impact of Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Bengali poet, on what would be his 163rd birthday.

Celebrations this year are set to be the biggest yet, with an intimate ceremony in the gardens of Shakespeare’s Birthplace, and a series of engaging performances on Henley Street.

Celebrating Tagore’s Remarkable Legacy

Born on 7 May 1861, Rabindranath Tagore is perhaps best known for winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 for his poetry.

It is well documented that William Shakespeare had a profound influence on the young Tagore, who wrote a poem in Shakespeare’s honour to commemorate the Tercentenary (300th anniversary) of Shakespeare’s death in 1916. Originally engraved on an ivory tablet, the poem can be seen on the plinth of Tagore’s bust in the garden of Shakespeare’s Birthplace, which was unveiled in 1995. Tagore’s birth anniversary has been celebrated by Prantik and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust ever since.

Like Shakespeare, Tagore’s works possess a universal, timeless appeal. As a result, they have inspired diverse audiences worldwide for decades.

Celebrating Tagore in the Garden of Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Visitors to Shakespeare’s Birthplace are invited to an intimate ceremony as the home of William Shakespeare plays host to its annual celebration, where audiences, including representatives from the Consulate General of India in Birmingham will gather to celebrate the works, life and times of Tagore.

‘’Tagore was a multifaceted genius, and much like Shakespeare, his remarkable works continue to inspire audiences and communities worldwide.

‘’Since 1996, thanks to the dedication of my parents, Jayanta and Padma Chatterjee, Prantik has been celebrating the life of Tagore and the relationship he had with Shakespeare in the Birthplace garden. This intimate ceremony is just one example of our appreciation for this special relationship and legacy."

Commented Obhi Chatterjee, Consultative Council member at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

During the special event, visitors to the Birthplace will be treated to inspiring performances of Tagore’s work by Prantik, whose theme for this year is Tagore’s seasonal songs. Attendees can expect authentic performances accompanied by the wonderful sound of the esraj and tabla.

Their performance will end with a short series of Tagore songs, which are accompanied by the addition of sponsors from both Tagore and Shakespeare, and a ceremonial wreath exchange on the bust.

Bringing the Celebrations to Henley Street With Desiblitz

That’s not all - new for this year, the Trust are joining forces with DESIblitz, an award-winning British Asian Magazine to bring its celebrations to Henley Street, where all will be treated to a vibrant Truck Art Bus, together with a group of classical Indian musicians singing and playing Tagore’s most famous works.

Tagore’s works, much like Shakespeare’s, are adaptable and universal, meaning they can be recreated and interpreted in unique ways, and through many artforms. For this special event, popular Bollywood and Bengali singer and actress, Rowshanara Moni will be performing beautiful pieces inspired by Tagore’s work.

‘’It’s crucial for us to leverage our platform to champion other influential writers from around the world who themselves have made the same cultural impact as Shakespeare.

‘’I have loved collaborating with DESIblitz to bring our celebrations onto Henley Street, where all are invited to experience and engage with Tagore’s extraordinary work through the form of Indian classical music.’’

Said Jennifer Shufflebotham, Audience Engagement Manager at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

To add to the excitement, there will be cushions and deckchairs out on Henley Street, surrounding the decked-out bus, where those visiting Shakespeare’s Birthplace, or simply passing by are all welcome to sit back, relax and soak in the atmosphere.

‘’We are thrilled to honour the timeless legacy of Rabindranath Tagore, a true luminary of literature and a cultural icon. At DESIblitz, we believe in celebrating diversity and showcasing the rich melting pot of global talent.

‘’Tagore's profound impact on literature and his universal themes resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Through our collaboration with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, we aim to bring Tagore's inspiring works to life on Henley Street, inviting everyone to experience the magic of Indian classical music and celebrate the enduring legacy of this literary giant."

Added Indi Deol, Director at DESIblitz.

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