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Method in the Madness

Our new exhibition at Hall's Croft

Understanding Ourselves, Then and Now

Method in the Madness: Understanding Ourselves Then & Now is a new exhibition, exploring medicine in the life of William Shakespeare’s son in law, the physician John Hall (1575-1635). Find out how John and his patients understood their bodies and minds and how this influenced medical practice. Learn about advances in anatomy and physiology and how the quest to better understand ‘ourselves’ continues even today. Visit Hall’s Croft from the 18 March for all this and more!

Don’t miss – A syringe from the 1500's.

Don’t leave without - testing out our handling collection including an amputation saw!

Don’t Forget - to take your photo at the apothecary station and identify common illnesses at our uroscopy station.

Did you know – The University of Cambridge received bodies of executed criminals for dissection.

Entry to this exhibition is included in a Town Houses Pass or Town, Cottage and Farm Pass.

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