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Sponsor a Play or Poem

Sponsor one of Shakespeare’s plays or poems at New Place

Show your support for New Place and your passion for Shakespeare, by sponsoring your favourite play, sonnet, or long poem.

Sponsored titles are a unique and lasting reminder of both your support and Shakespeare’s incredible legacy. Pennants and ribbons engraved with each of Shakespeare's works form permanent fixtures in the fabric of the site where New Place once stood. In recognition of your support, you’ll receive:

  • Your name associated with the work of your choice, inscribed on the benefactors’ board in the Great Garden at New Place
  • A unique print artwork acknowledging your sponsorship of your chosen work, inspired by printed volumes of Shakespeare’s works from our Collection
  • A special New Place map marked with your sponsored work’s location
  • Four years’ worth of Patrons’ benefits including behind-the-scenes tours, private views and other exclusive events.

Leave an enduring legacy

The transformation of New Place is the most significant permanent project worldwide commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. The development gives visitors a chance to get acquainted with the man behind the fame: bringing up his family, living by his craft, serving his home town.

New Place encourages visitors to explore his works in a fresh light, and inspires yet another generation to experience literature, drama, and Shakespeare’s life in more detail.

To sponsor one of Shakespeare’s 38 plays, make a single donation of £5,000, or pledge £1,250 a year /£104.17 a month, for 4 years.

The title of your play will be inscribed on a colourful permanent pennant in the Golden Garden, part of New Place’s celebration of Shakespeare’s works. Each play appears only once so contact us now to lay claim to your favourite. 

To sponsor one of his 154 sonnets or 4 poems, make a single donation of £2,500, or pledge £625 a year / £52.08 a month, for 4 years.

The first two lines of your poem will be inscribed into a beautiful white bronze ribbon, permanently fixed in the walkways of New Place. Each poem appears only once so your contribution to the site will be truly unique. 

> Check the availability of your favourite plays or poems.

Sponsored works provide a vital contribution to the transformation of New Place, giving people a new way to connect with the man whose stories are known across the world.

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Sponsor a play or poem

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