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Tudor Herbs and their Uses

Watch Sue, one of our house guides, as she describes the sorts of herbs grown in the Tudor era and what they were used for.

Over at Anne Hathaway's Cottage, house guide Sue is talking about the sorts of herbs that Tudors would grow in their garden and what they would use them for. Which would make your house smell nice, and which could ward off witches?

Inspired by the beautiful cottage garden at Anne Hathaway's, flowers are an important theme at the site this year. You can see our temporary exhibition Say it with Flowers, which explores the symbolism in plants and flowers from Shakespeare through to the Victorian period. Plus, this weekend, we are really excited to be hosting our first ever Garden and Allotment Festival! Do come along and support us and you can see horticultural experts, local produce, craft stalls, and children in vegetable themed fancy dress.