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Teasels and Tales of Romance at Anne Hathaway's

Watch David as he explains the history, both older and more modern, surrounding the courting settle in Anne Hathaway's Cottage.

The guides at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust meet thousands of visitors every year. When you work at a place as romantic as Anne Hathaway's Cottage (the childhood home of William Shakespeare's wife), you get to witness some special moments with your visitors, as David explains:

Due to the age and condition of the settle in Anne Hathaway's Cottage, we do ask visitors not to sit on items, as they could damage the items or even to themselves! However, those wishing to declare their love in this wonderfully romantic setting should not be perturbed - the gardens are as romantic as ever and this year we have even planted a heart-shaped lavender maze, complete with a new "lovers' seat". Find out more on the Anne Hathaway's Cottage website.

The "courting settle" at Anne Hathaway's Cottage
The "courting settle" at Anne Hathaway's Cottage