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Tagore Celebrations at Shakespeare's Birthplace

A report on the celebrations of Rabindranath Tagore's birth that took place in the Shakespeare Birthplace garden on 6th May.

Hannah Jones
Tagore Readings in the Birthplace garden

On Saturday 6th May the annual celebration of Bengali poet RabindranathTagore’s birth was held in the Shakespeare Birthplace garden. Shakespeare Aloud actor Lorenna White joined forces with Obhi & Kaberi Chatterjee’s group of musicians and singers to recite the words of both Tagore and Shakespeare, accompanied by the wonderful sound of the sitar.

Tagore was a versatile and prolific artist, and we at the SBT are proud to cultivate a unique connection to the Bengali poet. Having been born in Calcutta and educated at the University of London, Tagore grew to be a gifted playwright, poet, novelist, actor, composer, teacher, painter, philosopher, and theatre director. Shakespeare was a great influence on Tagore, as evidenced by the poem he wrote and translated in Shakespeare’s honour. Both Shakespeare’s and Tagore’s works are characterized by the same sensitivity and sophistication of feeling, and they give us an insight into the sentiments of Shakespeare’s time that have been translated through cultures and centuries. The poem is now engraved and on permanent display with the bust of Tagore situated in the Birthplace garden. Learn more about the history of our bust of Tagore

The relationship between Tagore and Shakespeare provides us with the exceptional opportunity to celebrate Shakespeare’s enduring legacy throughout the world. The performances in the garden on Saturday are just one example of our appreciation of this special relationship and legacy.