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The Story of Bridge Street

Learn more about the history of Shakespeare's town with us at the Shakespeare Birthplace

Miranda Gleaves

A guest post by Miranda K. Gleaves, who has been helping us prepare for our Heritage Open Days event on 12 & 13 September.

Bridge Street

I have recently been researching the history of Bridge Street in order to create a display for Heritage Open Days. It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds!

The thoroughfare began life as a Roman road running down to the ford across the river Avon. In 1196 it was built into the planned town – crucially, it was kept very wide so that it could act as a marketplace. Stalls were set up in the middle of the street, and over time these became permanant shops. Eventually the shops were transformed into houses, and by the fifteenth century ‘Middle Row’ (as the buildings became known) was established down the centre of Bridge Street.

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