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Shakespeare’s Family Gardens - Spring 2023 at Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Find out what our gardens team have been up to and what’s happening in the Birthplace garden this spring.

Sian Cooper
Daffodils in the gardens of Shakespeare's Birthplace, set against the backdrop of the birthplace itself.

Winter is officially over and as we delve into spring, the most exciting time of the year for us gardeners begins.

The ground is warming up and there are rapid and colourful changes in the garden at Shakespeare’s Birthplace.

As the sun begins to push through, we thought it might be a good time to look back over the past few months.

Gardeners are constantly planning ahead, thinking of the next job, planning for a season of colour and joy, but what we have done previously always enhances what will come next.

This past winter has been an opportunity for the gardens team to get stuck into the big jobs that are the supporting act for the more visible spring and summer planting of the season ahead, ensuring that the gardens have the very best start we can give them.

Spring Jobs

Shakespeare's Birthplace in the sun, sitting inbetween some freshly trimmed hedges.

Our first big job was to reduce the height of our beautiful Yew hedge which hugs the house on the Henley Street side of the building. It had gotten a bit tall and now we think it sits perfectly alongside the house. We will let it recover and fill out over the next few months so that it softens in appearance.

The main hard work has been happening around the back of the house. The team has been very busy gradually sweeping away the leftovers of autumn and winter and clearing the way for spring.

Our fabulous long borders were treated to a heavy mulching of our scrumptious compost which is made on one of our sites from our own waste. We try hard to promote good environmental practices and our plants will benefit.

Our larger plants such as the holly and box hedges and trees have been spruced up, clipped back and pruned to perfection and the stunning Holm Oak has had the expert attention of the tree surgeons to create a spectacular backdrop to the seating area.

Looking Forward

The borders at Shakespeare's Birthplace garden burstin with colour in Spring 2023. Purple, yellow and flowers with red berries in the foreground are set against the backdrop of Shakespeare's Birthplace.

So, what can we look forward to over the coming weeks you ask?

To start with the orchard area is undergoing some changes to enhance the visitor experience and support our environmental ethos. We hope to rewild the area beneath as a mini wildflower meadow to encourage beneficial wildlife and pollinators and once the weather is more stable, we will start to review these plans.

In the blink of an eye the borders will burst into a rainbow of colours, the trees will open their leaves and we look forward to the air being filled with the sound of wildlife and visitors enjoying themselves once again.

Summer is well and truly on the way and we hope to see you soon.

You can find out more about the latest updates to Shakespeare’s Family Gardens on our dedicated webpage featuring links to blogs, the history of the gardens, and seasonal photo galleries.