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Shakespeare Documented

Shakespeare Documented will be the largest and most authoritative free online public collection of primary-source materials that document William Shakespeare's life and work.

Jennifer Reid

Shakespeare Documented is a free and publicly-accessible online exhibition that will provide a rich portrait of Shakespeare as a professional playwright, actor, poet, business man, and family man who lived in both London and Stratford-upon-Avon, tracing his path from a man of his time to a household name. 

It will include images, descriptions, and transcriptions of all known documentary, manuscript, and printed references and allusions to Shakespeare, his works, and additional references to his family, during their lifetimes and shortly thereafter. 

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, British Library, the National Archives and the Folger Shakespeare Library have contributed over 70% of the materials to this multi-institutional collaboration between over 30 partners in the United States and United Kingdom, convened by the Folger Shakespeare Library

For more information vist the Shakespeare Documented website.