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Shakespeare and His World

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous authors of all time. 2014 marked the 450th anniversary of his birth and his words have inspired and moved people from around the globe for centuries.

Jennifer Reid
Shakespeare and His World MOOC

Together with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Professor Jonathan Bate explores Shakespeare, his works and the world he lived in, starting on 5 October 2015.

This free online course is the result of an exciting collaboration between the University of Warwick and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the world’s leading charity in promoting the works, life and times of William Shakespeare. You will have the chance to look inside the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust vaults where thousands of arte-facts are kept. The course will also take you into some of the key locations associated with Shakespeare which are looked after by the Trust, including the house where he was born and grew up.

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To join the other 30,000 learners who have already explored Shakespeare’s World through the MOOC, please visit the FutureLearn website.

For more information contact Jennifer Reid on: [email protected]

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