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Rose Syrup

Try your hand at making our traditional Tudor rose syrup


  • Collect as many scented rose petals as you can (old fashioned roses are best) and cut off the white pointed bits at the petal base as they are bitter.
  • Place trimmed petals in a pan and add just enough water to cover.
  • Bring slowly to the boil and simmer till the petals have lost their colour.
  • Strain off petals and measure the volume of the remaining liquid.
  • Then add to the liquid an equal volume of sugar, e.g if 1 pint liquid then add 1 pint of sugar.
  • Boil the liquid and sugar until you get a thick syrup and then bottle it.

You won't get a huge amount of syrup but it is very intense, so a little goes a long long way.

The syrup can also be put in the freezer.  It won't freeze completely due to the sugar, so you will be able to scoop out small amounts to flavour desserts, ice cream or to liven up sparkling wine.