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Restoring the Knot Garden at New Place

As part of our transformation of Shakespeare’s New Place, we’re busy restoring the Knot Garden in keeping with the original design by Ernest Law.

Knot Garden Restoration. The picture shows part of two rectangular unplanted beds with paths around them, and the low wall of the garden topped by open wooden fencing, with the opening leading to the central path. There are trees in the background.

Work on the Knot Garden is progressing well with the first structure appearing on the arbour.

The original tunnel feature is being conserved and developed into a viewing platform with archways and windows through which visitors to New Place will be able to view the Knot Garden. Most of the current plantings of apple and laburnum trees are being kept, as the new structure has been designed within their footprint. Three smaller trees are to be lifted and replanted to another area of the garden.

The arbour replacement will be built inside the current plantings so the scheme will complement the established appearance of the knots and soften the greener timber of the new structure. Building the new arbour will be one of the last tasks carried out in this area to avoid the possibility of accidental damage.

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