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Party animals at Shakespeare’s New Place

NP Pawprints

Picture the scene...  The sun is shining down on a hot and dusty site. Darron, site manager is on his knees for eight hours with three tonnes of sand finely grading and levelling the ground in readiness for the stone to be laid.

The surface is pristine. Not the slightest hint of a bump. Perfection.  The day draws to a close with a job well done.

Sometime in the night however, in a frolicking vignette Disney or maybe John Lewis advertising department would be proud of, Darron’s pristine surface proved to be an irresistible draw to a family of foxes, a deer and possibly a badger, judging by the footprints left. One can only imagine what larks they had…and indeed continue to have. Every, single, night.

Also, and a prize may be awarded if someone can come up with a plausible explanation for the following: Big dead fish keep turning up in the Great Garden. Any clues anyone?