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New Place: Views from Above

Work on the second floor at New Place has given us an excuse to enjoy spectacular views across Stratford.

The final hempcrete work is being completed at Shakespeare’s New Place, this time on the second floor of Nash’s House.  This has given us an excuse to enjoy some spectacular views across Stratford and the Guild Chapel next door!

View from above

Our carpenter has created the wooden frames on the scaffolding whilst our team of builders got to work fixing the panels into place, allowing them to finish the final stages of the hempcrete work and wiring.  Being this close to the roof gave us the opportunity to get a close-up glance of the scar in the brick line, which we believe indicates the location where Nash’s House was once connected to Shakespeare’s New Place before it was demolished in 1759.

As well as this, more work has been taking place in the Knot Garden to enable the New Place site to become the first completely accessible site for wheelchair users and people with pushchairs. Here you can see our builders re-profiling the retaining wall and taking away the stone path in order to change the pathway into a ramp, which will allow easy access around the site.  Each stone has been numbered so that is can be put back in order, much like our very own jigsaw!

Carpenter at work

Keep checking back here for more interviews and a behind-the-scenes look into the project, and visit our website to find out how you can play your part in New Place.