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New Life on the Farm

“then, at my farm I have a hundred milch-kine to the pail, Sixscore fat oxen standing in my stalls, And all things answerable to this portion.” The Taming of the Shrew

Ashley Malia

The life of a Tudor farm labourer was pretty tough. Hard work and an ability to avoid an array of diseases was the only road to survival. Agriculture was the primary industry and animals were an integral part of daily life, so at Mary Arden’s Farm we are happy that we have had a few new arrivals this year to brighten up the tough life of a Tudor farm labourer.

From lambs in the early spring to our constant arrivals of baby chicks, the animals’ love keeping us busy, providing plenty of jobs to keep us on our toes.

Here is a quick introduction to some of the characters you can meet on the farm.

Norfolk Horn ewe and lamb
Norfolk Horn ewe & lamb
Portland ewe and lamb
Portland ewe & lamb
Mangalitza piglets
Mangalitza piglets
Oxford Sandy and Black piglets.jpg
Oxford Sandy and Black piglets
Quickly English Longhorn calf
English Longhorn calf - "Quickly"
Elizabeth Gloucester calf
Gloucester calf - "Elizabeth"

They are all growing up quickly, so do come and see them before the farm closes for winter at the end of October!

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