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Mary Arden's Farm Re-opening

Mary Arden's Farm reopens for the 2015 season on Saturday 14 March - just in time for a family outing this Mother's Day!

MAF re-opening 2015

We've had a very busy winter; clearing, cleaning, restoring and redecorating so that the farm looks its very best. Our staff and volunteers have been honing the traditional skills they'll use to maintain our working Tudor farm and we've made improvements across the site, including a makeover of the cafe and gift-shop as well as a complete reinterpretation of Mary Arden's house.

MAF re-opening 2015

Come and see our new exhibition about Shakespeare's mother, Mary, and a room by room exploration of the history of the building she called home. Much of the history of the house is hidden, so our new display highlights some of its most interesting features, drawing comparisons between Palmer’s Farm (a Tudor house largely unchanged) and Mary Arden’s (a modernised version of a Tudor house).

Visit our website to find out more and start planning your visit to Mary Arden's Farm!