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‘The Juliet Files’: Representations of Women in the SBT Collections

Introducing a new blog series exploring women in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust's Collection.

Mareike Doleschal

2018 marks one hundred years since UK Parliament passed a law that allowed some women to vote in Britain for the first time. To celebrate this milestone, we will be starting a new blog series which will explore the enduring female presence in our varied archive, library and museum collections.

Collage of women
Collage of female portraits held in SBT collections

We will be shedding light on the ways in which women have been represented in our documents, books and objects.  We will explore the works of female artists, scholars and others that have enriched our collective understanding of Shakespeare and performance art. Women’s contributions to all aspects of the creative, civic, social and economic life of Stratford-upon-Avon will also be explored through our collection.

The series will be a collaborative effort by SBT staff and volunteers and will also include contributions from our visitors to the Reading Room and other guest bloggers. Our blogging team has engaged with a wide range of materials, including plays, novels, paintings and documents, and will be able to bring a wide range of perspectives to this series.

We hope you will enjoy reading 'The Juliet Files’. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch at [email protected] to discuss your ideas.

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