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Hall's Croft Conservation Works

Essential conservation work has started at Hall’s Croft to make the building more watertight and secure.

Gemma McGlinchey

Paddy, from Hawks Croft Ltd, a conservation and restoration window specialist working for TI Jones Building, is making repairs to the windows to make them secure and reduce gaps between some of the windows and their frames.

These important conservation tasks include replacing missing putty; gaps between leaded lights and timber sub-frames; stopping movement in driving pins and pintles; reducing gaps between flat irons and leaded lights; and securing loose mullions.

Hall's Croft Conservation 1

Whilst on site, Paddy and his brother will also be working on packing, with wool, the many gaps between the timber frame and panels, shakes (splits in the timber beams), and plugs (where the oak pegs go in to hold the beams in place).

Hall's Croft Conservation 2

We'll be using a quantity of fleece from our rare breed Cotswold, Portland, and Norfolk sheep from Mary Arden's Farm, naturally covered with a good layer of lanolin. As well as plugging gaps in the building and helping keep the cold out, the lanolin also acts as a waterproof layer, so instead of driving into gaps making the timbers damp, rain will be repelled and diverted away from the building.  

We're expecting the project to take approximately a month to complete, so look out for the team if you're planning a visit during that time and say hello!

Hall's Croft Conservation 3