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Golden Guernsey Goats Move House

Check in with our special goats in their new home!

Golden Guernsey Goats

Well, it looks like the goats are enjoying their new spacious and dry accommodations, (the poultry seem to be making the most of it as well.) Massive thanks to our volunteers and care farmers, Malcolm, Tony and Jody, for all their hard work getting the rick yard pen ready for them.

These lovely gentle tempered nanny goats are due to kid in April, so look out for gorgeous baby goats that will need lots of help from our visitors to take their bottled feeds every day.

Goats are hardy, intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate. Able to thrive on scrub and rank grass that may be too nutrient-poor for sheep or cattle, they are highly valued on every continent. It may surprise you to learn that more meat and milk from goats is consumed in the world than from any other animal.

Golden Guernsey goats were nearly wiped out during WW2 when the island of Guernsey’s occupying German forces began slaughtering all the livestock to feed themselves. A small group of goats was hidden away and the breed was saved. It lives on today, although in very low numbers.

Golden Guernseys can be horned or polled, range in colour from pale to foxy red and can be short or long haired. If you have some space and are considering keeping a few goats, the Golden Guernsey would be a good choice. It is lovely to look at, affectionate and docile: perfect for smallholders.

Golden Guernseys are kept for their milk and are recognized as a dairy breed. The production levels are lower than what is commonly found in the Swiss breeds but the milk is higher in butter fat and proteins which makes it excellent for cheese making.