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A ghost in Nash’s House?

If I stand here, I saw him
Macbeth Act 3, Scene 4 

It isn’t uncommon to hear of stories of old houses or estates being haunted, and there are lots of paranormal happenings in connection with Shakespeare too.  Many of his plays and sonnets feature ghosts and ghouls, Macbeth was set at Glamis Castle; which is said to be the most haunted castle in Britain.  But we weren’t expecting to have our own run in with the paranormal anytime soon….

One night, after work, an alarm inside Nash’s House started to ring.  A builder, who was working and living on site, went to investigate; concerned something had happened inside the house.  He checked all the rooms, upstairs and down, but he couldn’t see anything suspicious. Unsatisfied he decided to make his way downstairs. The stairs were uneven and dark, so he lit his path by taking photos on his phone; the flash guiding his way.  Still he found nothing. However, when he returned home and began to delete the photos, he noticed something odd… In one image he didn’t appear to be alone! In the right hand side of the photo, near the bottom of the staircase, he could make out a little boy’s face with a white collar and sleeves.  The next morning he showed the image to his colleagues for their review, was he imagining things? See for yourself, here is the very photo – spooky!

The photo shows the staircase, the wall, some distant reflections of the flash, and at the bottom a white smudge which in this reproduction isn't very clear.

It’s hard to be sure for certain but it is believed that the Mercure Hotel, a few doors down from Nash’s House, is haunted with the ghost of a soldier!  Rest assured I won’t be going in to Nash’s House alone in the dark anytime soon.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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