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Our favourite books for learning about Shakespeare at home

Need some help with homeschooling? Here are some of our favourite children's books from The Shakespeare Bookshop.

What's So Special About Shakespeare.jpg

What’s so special about Shakespeare?
Michael Rosen, illustrated by Sarah Nayler

Written by award-winning author Michael Rosen, this lively and accessible book looks at all aspects of Shakespeare’s life, world and work and uses engaging questions to encourage appreciation and understanding. Intriguing facts, a handy timeline and quirky illustrations add to the appeal!

How to be a young writer_a.jpg

How to be a young writer
Christopher Edge

Perfect for budding writers, this authoritative book covers all elements of plot, characterization, description, developing tone and style and illustrates how to develop a simple idea into a powerful piece of writing. Plenty of practical tips, examples and inspirational advice from well-known authors helps young authors to achieve their writing goals.

Eyewitness Shakespeare Shopify a.jpg

Eyewitness Shakespeare
Peter Chrisp, illustrated by Steve Teague

Educational and entertaining, this hugely engaging book is full of stories, statistics, timelines, infographics, illustrations and facts. Beginning with Shakespeare’s home and life on Henley Street before moving on to London and the exciting sixteenth century world of the theatre, younger readers can discover where Shakespeare found his inspiration and why his plays are still so popular over 400 years later.

SBTS_Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook_2020_a.jpg

The Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook
Nick Walton & Christopher Lloyd, illustrated by Andy Forshaw

A clever and unique introduction to the plays of Shakespeare, this over-sized book contains a detailed and colourful timeline that folds out to reveal all the comedies, histories and tragedies along with all the key dates in Shakespeare’s life. On the reverse, accessible and entertaining newspaper style articles highlight important moments such as the sale of his first work and the rebuilding of the Globe Theatre.

Marcia Williams_a.jpg

Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays & Bravo Mr William Shakespeare!
Marcia Williams

These classic retellings of fourteen of Shakespeare’s best loved plays are presented in the author’s signature cartoon-strip style. Colourful, detailed and charming, each retelling features original dialogue from the play along with rowdy remarks from the characters in the margins who are watching the action unfold! With seven tales in each book, these make the perfect introduction to Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare Scenes from the Life_a.jpg

William Shakespeare: Scenes from the life of the world’s greatest writer
Mick Manning & Brita Granström

A thoughtful and beautifully illustrated exploration of Shakespeare’s life and genius. This charming picture book begins with Shakespeare’s early life, school days and working alongside his father, before his marriage to Anne Hathaway and his move to London to become a playwright. Each double page spread cleverly shows how the world Shakespeare experienced influenced his writing and shaped the plays we know.

These are just a few of our favourite books for children. Find a bigger selection, along with other great titles, in our bookshop online.