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Exclusive new scarves inspired by our collection

This month we launch a new range of scarves inspired by beautiful books and objects in the Trust’s collections.

Working with Concept Bloom we have developed a range of ten silk and viscose scarves, featuring six exclusive designs. Take a sneak peek and find out more about where the inspiration was taken for these beautiful new items.

1. Available in blue, green and berry, the design of this scarf is based on the decorative border from the title page of A Closet for Ladies and Gentlemen, a book of recipes and remedies published in 1611.

boarder blue
'Border blue' scarf

2. This pattern of small fish and crescent moons is taken from the decorative blackwork embroidery on a woman’s linen cap from the 1600s.

'Fish and Moon' scarf

3. This delicate floral design is inspired by a coloured print of Mrs Jane Lessingham in the character of Ophelia at the Covent Garden Theatre, London in 1772. 

ophelia scarf
'Ophelia' scarf

4. The design of this scarf is based on a woodcut illustration from an edition of Alexander Pope’s Works of Shakespeare printed in 1726, used here to herald the opening scene of The Merchant of Venice.

scarves and ocean
'Woodcut' scarf

5. This swallowtail butterfly is from an illustration in Thomas Muffet’s Theater of Insects, included in the 1658 edition of Edward Topsell’s The History of Four-footed Beasts, Serpents and Insects.

'Butterfly' Scarf

6. The design of this scarf is based on a silver filigree dish and evokes the decorative lacework and printed patterns of the Jacobean period.

silver dish
'Bowl' scarf

Each scarf is presented in a ‘Shakespeare Inspired’ gift box and retails at £20. To view the full range visit our online shop.

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