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Corporate Volunteering at Anne Hathaway's Cottage

A little help from Jaguar Land Rover in the gardens

Corporate Volunteers

We recently welcomed a team of 19 members of staff from Jaguar Land Rover to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage for a corporate volunteering day.

The volunteers worked on the Shottery Brook Walk behind Anne Hathaway’s Cafe, and during 6 hours on site they achieved a great amount of work, covering approximately two hundred square metres of land. The main focus of their activity involved clearing undergrowth, including ivy and brash as well as two large felled trees.

The team really pulled together and rose to the challenges of the day, so that our gardening team were really impressed with the difference they were able to make to the woodland area. As a result of the efforts of the volunteers we're hoping that the display of snowdrops in this area will be particularly fantastic in the spring!

Corporate volunteering is a great way for organisations to contribute towards a charitable cause while reaping benefits for their teams at the same time. It can help employees to develop new skills and promotes team building, well-being and job satisfaction. 

Visit our website to find out more about corporate volunteering opportunities at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.