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Shakespeare Book Recommendations for the Classroom

Bring William Shakespeare and his works to life in your classroom with these book recommendations.

Books for the Classroom

The magic of Shakespeare extends beyond the plays themselves. Help readers of all ages to understand Shakespeare better by adding these books to your classrooms.

The What on Earth? Wallbook of Shakespeare
See Shakespeare’s plays unfold before your eyes! A unique introduction to William Shakespeare’s histories, comedies and tragedies set on a timeline in the iconic Globe Theatre. On the reverse, a newspaper style narrative of all the most significant moments in the legacy of William Shakespeare from his death to the present day.

Written by Shakespeare expert Dr. Nick Walton and world history author Christopher Lloyd, illustrated by Andy Forshaw and developed in association with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Reads like a book or hangs on a wall!

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The Shakespeare Book
Dorling Kindersley’s The Shakespeare Book offers an overview of Shakespeare’s works in chronological order, setting out the plots, characters, themes and interpretations in a clear and imaginative way. Whether you’re looking at poetry, sonnets or plays, this book offers a fresh perspective for all readers: newcomers to Shakespeare, teachers, students or enthusiasts. With helpful infographics, timelines and images, the stories and major concerns of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry are brought to life in exciting and accessible ways for all readers to enjoy.
Price: £16.99

Buy your copies from the Dorling Kindersley website.  

Cambridge School Shakespeare
We're proud to be working in a collaborative partnership with Cambridge University Press, who publish over 200 Shakespeare titles including the best-selling and highly recommended Cambridge School Shakespeare Series.

This series was initially developed from the work of Dr Rex Gibson’s Shakespeare and Schools Project, and each play in the recently published new editions has been carefully rewritten, revised and expanded to enable students to inhabit Shakespeare's imaginative world in accessible and creative ways.

This partnership enables us to work collaboratively with Cambridge University Press and produce exclusive content including blogs, articles and webinars that highlight the enduring significance of Shakespeare’s work, making it accessible and relevant to a new generation of students.

Find out more about Cambridge School Shakespeare.