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Artist in Residence: Carrie Reichardt

Our artist in residence needs your help to create new artworks from old unwanted souvenirs

Carrie Reichardt

Carrie Reichardt is a self-titled craftivist, using ceramic, mosaic and print to create intricate, often politicized works of art. Carrie has been involved in international community and public art projects for over 20 years. 

Carrie's residency at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust during winter 2017-18 will result in six commissions with a fresh, contemporary perspective on Shakespeare and the people and places associated with his home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. She plans to turn old, unwanted souvenirs into brand new pieces of contemporary art, and she's calling for donations from the public!

We asked Carrie to share a little more about herself and her plans:

I am very excited and honoured to become the first visual artist in residence at Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. My work intersects craft and activism, using mural, mosaic and screen-printing to forge a pioneering aesthetic. Inspired by the British tradition of subversive ceramics, the art is characteristically colourful, attuned to the tactile as much as the visual, incorporating text to convey a powerful message.  I have created and trademarked the ‘Mad in England’ brand and have been producing a series of subversive souvenirs, which offer a postmodern and humorous comment on kitsch consumerism.

After visiting New Place and meeting local volunteers Jed and George, I have created my first ceramic as part of my body of work related to this residency.

This picture is divided into two. On the left there is a photo of the plate created by Carrie Reichardy. On the right there is a photo of Jed and George holding the plate.

To donate your unwanted souvenirs to feature in Carrie's work, particularly ceramics and any unusual Shakespearian objects, please contact us.