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Adorable New Arrivals at Mary Arden's Farm

New life abounds at Mary Arden's farm. With an impressive 31 lambs born this year, and a variety of other young animals, there has never been a better time to stop by and say hello!

Samantha Gull

“...the greatest of my pride is to see my ewes graze and my lambs suck.”

— As You Like It III.ii
Cotswold lambs
Cotswold Lambs

We have officially come to the end of the lambing season at Mary Arden’s Farm, and the Farm Team have certainly had a busy spring.  There have been a lot of new arrivals since March, with a final count of 31 lambs in total: 20 Cotswolds, 6 Portlands, and 5 Norfolk Horns.

Gloucester calf
Gloucester Calf

There have also been bouncing babies elsewhere on the farm, with 4 beautiful new calves born over the last 2 months: 1 Hereford, 2 Longhorns, and the most recent, a Gloucester calf born on Sunday the 14th of May. 

And if that weren’t enough, our Arapawa goats, Davina and Patrick, have become the proud parents of a very rare Arapawa goat kid who is already winning the hearts of visitors and staff alike.

In case you've lost count, that’s 36 adorable new reasons to come and visit the farm!