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Teaching Philosophy

Inspiring and empowering the next generation through Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is the global centre for learning about and experiencing the work, life and times of the world’s best-known writer. Our mission is to enthuse children and young people with a passion for Shakespeare, inspiring curiosity, equipping them to meet the challenges of academic study, building cultural confidence and encouraging intellectual aspiration. 

Through expert guidance combined with direct use of our world class collections, we bring the past into dialogue with the present, leading to a deeper understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare’s place in history, his works on the page and his plays in performance.

Every single year they have come away so inspired, and they always say how much they enjoyed your sessions when I meet them years later. And I have learnt so much myself. What an impact you have had on our English A-level experience!

— Secondary school residential course leader

Inspiring teaching

Our teachers and lecturers share their passion for Shakespeare’s stories, language and heritage to inspire a desire to learn and enable students to make discoveries and associations of their own. Our educational work is underpinned by meticulous research and planning and is tailored to our learners. Our active, cross-curricular approach always involves conversation to encourage critical thinking and may include debate, performance, creative responses and/or hands-on experiences. 

This has been an inspirational experience for the children. I have seen reticent children growing in confidence. One child used to be reluctant to answer questions in class and would cry, and today she presented to the general public. It has been great to get the children engrossed in Shakespeare.

— Primary school teacher

Get ready for an intellectual explosion of volcanic creativity!

— A-level student

Pathway to Shakespeare

We offer programmes across all ages that are current, relevant and focused on the needs of learners. Our pathways to Shakespeare ensure that anyone can have opportunities to engage with Shakespeare on their own terms, at any stage of interest, from primary school to A-levels and PhD research. Giving equal weight to ‘enjoyment’ and ‘understanding’ we encourage a life-long journey of discovery that can open the door to all kinds of knowledge and skills.

The children were absorbed and entranced for every minute.

— Primary school teacher, Key Stage 1

Excellent information that really hits new national curriculum standards.

— Primary school teacher, Key Stage 2

Detailed, interesting and perfectly pitched to their level.

— Secondary school teacher

It engages them in a way that is difficult to achieve in the classroom.

— A-level teacher

Everyday my students had a new favourite session, which speaks for a week that kept getting better as it progresses despite already starting with such a high level.

— University residential course leader

Shakespeare experts

The authority of the SBT as the 'go-to' organisation for all things Shakespeare is rooted in the expertise and specialist knowledge of our team of educators. This is supported by authenticity stemming from our historic houses and our internationally significant collections, described by the Arts Council as “an outstandingly deep, rich and varied source for the study and enjoyment of Shakespeare’s life, works, literary context and the continuing evolution of theatre and performance.” 

Professional staff who clearly knew the play inside-out! A wonderful and engaging selection of activities which inspired us all!

— Primary school teacher

Excellent contextual background given with a variety of different interpretations. Perfect for our A-level course!

— A-level teacher


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“The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust receives a very well-merited third Sandford Award. The high standards seen five years ago have been successfully maintained and expanded upon with new learning experiences added. School and student groups that visit the Trust are assured of a day’s excitement, fun and pleasure with the additional bonus of undertaking tasks that give access to the processes of learning that are transferrable to other situations and provide a lifetime of understanding.” (Sandford Award 2016)

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