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Toolbox Session

Specialist insight from a scholar and an actor

Would you like your pupils to get specialist insight into their play from a scholar and an actor? Why not book our brand new Toolbox session, comprised of a video on your play and live Q&A, in which two experts explain different ways of approaching the play, giving your pupils handy tools and tips for exploring Shakespeare’s text!

Our experts answer your pupils’ questions during our live Q&A, straight into your classroom via a platform of your choice.*

The Toolbox video offers a useful model through which to explore themes, context, language and interpretive possibilities, giving your pupils a nifty stock of hints and tricks to connect up these different aspects, in order to help them to produce clear and well-informed responses to their set play.

Along with your 20 minute toolbox video, you get a 45 minute live Q&A with your experts, with plenty of opportunity to ask all of your questions and get insights from a scholar and an actor!**

Choose from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream (more plays to follow).


Toolbox video: £100

Toolbox live Q&A: £150

Contact [email protected] to book your session.

*Zoom, Google etc

** It is recommended that you send your questions in advance

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