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New Objects To Be Displayed At Shakespeare’s Birthplace Following Conservation Works

SBT Repair work 0012
Amy Davies, Collections Care Officer cleaning the Falcon Inn Chair

New items will be put on display at Shakespeare’s Birthplace following a period of conservation works between 8 January to 19 January 2024, as the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust prepares to deliver its multi-year project exploring the extraordinary lives of the women who impacted, influenced and secured the legacy of William Shakespeare.

As soon as the two-week period of conservation works at Shakespeare’s Birthplace ends later this month, visitors will have the opportunity to see the Falcon Inn Chair, once believed to have been used by William Shakespeare as part of a regular programme of updating displays at the Tudor property.

The oak panel-back armchair, which will be on display in Shakespeare’s Birthplace from 20 January, was once thought to have been used by Shakespeare himself, who allegedly drank at the Falcon Inn in Bidford where he held his club meetings.

SBT Repair work 0017
Amy Davies, Collections Care Officer cleaning the Falcon Inn Chair

’January is a quiet period for the Birthplace, providing a perfect time for our teams to carry out important conservation works. Although our collections team maintain artefacts throughout the year, the 10-day period allowed us to focus on objects and undertake vital tasks such as performing checks and preventative conservation work on the items on display.

‘’Importantly, the conservation period allowed us to change the objects on display, many of them centuries-old artefacts, for new ones that help tell different aspects of the Shakespeare story. Our visitors may not know about the Falcon Inn Chair and its history, so I’m excited for it to be displayed and new stories to be told.’’

Commented Emily White, Curator at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, custodian of the Shakespeare family homes in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Alongside the Falcon Inn Chair, there will be two refreshed display cases in Shakespeare’s Birthplace, with one case displaying items relating to the story of the Falcon Inn Chair. Items include a drinking vessel thought to have been used by Shakespeare and objects made from crab tree.

The second case will contain souvenirs from the 1800s and 1900s, including a recent acquisition – a Cross made from the oak of Shakespeare’s Birthplace, by John Marshall of Stratford-upon-Avon, 1878, displayed for the first time.

SBT Repair work 0010
Amy Davies, Collections Care Officer and Rodger Palmer, Volunteer wet washing the Falcon Inn Chair

Conservation Period at Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Over the centuries, millions of people have stepped into the Birthplace, walking in the footsteps of Shakespeare and his family. As a result, the historic building needs ongoing care, like any home.

During the two-week period, teams at Shakespeare’s Birthplace have undertaken important conservation works to maintain and protect the centuries-old building and the collection on display for generations to come.

Building works undertaken during the two-week period included planned, minor repairs, decoration and general maintenance, all of which have listed building consent approval. Collections care included refreshing display cases, resting pieces of furniture, deep cleaning and compiling condition reports.

SBT Repair work 0025
Rodger Palmer, Volunteer

‘’By undertaking the conservation work, we are ensuring that the Birthplace is as accessible as possible for our guests today, whilst protecting and preserving it for those to come.

‘’It is also important that we make our collections as accessible as possible, inviting visitors to be part of our exciting journey of transformation and change. This is why we encourage visitors to view our online catalogue and watch our behind-the-scenes footage of the conservation works on our social media channels.’’

Commented Rachael North, Director of Museum and Public Programmes, at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

To ensure audiences have access to the life, work and times of Shakespeare anywhere in the world, visitors can explore the SBT’s online collections catalogue where they can immerse themselves in history of the Birthplace and view objects digitally.

To view the SBT’s extensive online collections catalogue, visit

Shakespeare’s Birthplace is open daily from 20 January 2024, with tickets priced at £19.50 for an adult, £9.75 for a child between 3-15 years and £48.75 for two adults and up to three children or £29.25 for one adult and up to 3 children.