Shakespeare's Treasures

 The Shakespeare’s Treasures Exhibition is housed within the Shakespeare Centre, where visitors to the Birthplace can discover a range of unique and priceless objects from our exclusive collections.

The exhibit is refreshed every 6 months to provide as much access as possible to our diverse collection of books, documents and other objects associated with Shakespeare’s work, life and times.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s copy of the Cobbe portrait, the only portrait of Shakespeare believed to have been painted from life, will remain on permanent display alongside the changing exhibitions.

June - November 2015

The latest Treasures Exhibition has been inspired by the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, fought on 25 October 1415.

Objects on display include:

  • Broadsword, one of a pair, c. 1650. Weapons of war used at battles such as Agincourt, but also fashionable accessories amongst the higher classes.
  • The Will of Alan Lestraunge, 8 May 1417. Made before leaving Walton, near Stratford-upon-Avon, to fight in King Henry V’s ongoing war with France. 
  • Decorative spear head, 1589. Depicting an Elizabethan soldier carrying a pike.
  • The Arte of Warre by Niccolo Machiavelli, printed in 1588Containing practical advice about strategy, weapons, training and battle conditions. 
  • King Henry V by William Shakespeare, translated into Chinese by Fang Ping, 1955
  • Falstaff at Justice Shallow’s Mustering his Troops, 1700 - 1800An impression from an engraving taken after an original chalk drawing by William Henry Bunbury.

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Entry to the exhibition is included as part of entry to the Birthplace. Visitors can access this exhibition space via the steps in the garden and through the Marble Hall (cafe).

Normal opening times and admission prices apply.